How Integrity enables sustainable long-term performace

Integrity is in part of our day-to-day operations, the way we operate, the way we do things, and how we act together. Integrity among employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers creates efficiency that is hard to copy by our competitors, and that drives sustainability.

The keynote address for day 2 of the Council on Business & Society was from Mr.Pierre Guyot, CEO of John Deere France. The company existing over 175 years John Deere is the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world, and ranked in Fortune Top 50 “Most Admired” companies globally.

To create culture, it must start with the value, embed in doing business. The vast key is for a company is to be recognized and differentiated, and you need to make a difference, and make the value visible, and make people feel what it is.

But how we make those values live? In John Deere, people act and behave based on core value of integrity. To make it alive, they have three main strategies.①Strong guidelines and policies, ②a code of business conduct, and ③management process and decision-making based on ethics and compliance culture. Compliance is necessary to comply with many risks, however, integrity is more than compliance, but about the performance.

So how can it be integrated with the business?①Leaders have to lead by example, and ②embed ethical values in workplace discussions. There is ③no compromise with integrity, and ④must live with what and how you have accomplished things, since that is what makes us who you are, and makes us unique, and hard to copy for others.

Again, integration in all dimensions is what beat the competitors, and what enables sustainable long-term performance.

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