About Us

The Council on Business & Society, a partnership of five leading business schools from across the world,  aims to marshall their substantial intellectual and professional resources in the pursuit of knowledge and ideas that will make an impact both in the world of management education and in the messy, complex world of daily life. Their collective impact and reach are impressive. Together, they represent countries generating 50% of the world’s GDP. In addition to broad institutional and corporate partnerships, the schools are connected globally through the joined resources of some 600 full-time faculty, 20,000 students, and a network of 90,000 alumni.

To bring the voice of the next generation of business leaders to the Forum, Student Fellows at each school were selected to work with their faculty on the annual theme and to participate in the Forum to share their reactions and ideas. Student participants from the five partner schools attended and blogged during the Forum sessions. Bloggers included:

Donoxti Baylon, Merle Piest,  and Dan Zhu (ESSEC Business School)

Yayoi Aihura, An Feng, Eri Shikamura, Hiroki Sawano, and Yinhui Wang (Keio Business School)

Cristiano Cittadino(Fundação Getulio Vargas – EAESP)

Lele Zhang (School of Management Fudan University)

Karsten Asbahr and Barbara Wilk (Business School, University of Mannheim)

Marret Arfsten, Kelsey Ayres, Kate Bante, and Zhi Hao Kevin Tay (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth)


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