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Governance and the Role of Government

Harsh discussions about corporate governance and the role of government have been increasing steadily from the last decade.  Regulations represent multidimensional trade-offs and sometimes even end up on opposite results, since risk aversion may cause reduction on informational efficiency and … Continue reading

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Engagement Policies with Active Institutional Investors

Shareholders play a direct role on corporate governance by providing information and discipline.  In today’s turbulent and dynamic scenario, sharpened by the speed of securities transactions raised by technology, the information provider role played by shareholders may be blurred as … Continue reading

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Employees, Governance and Society

Employees are the core of society and are source of information and influence other stakeholders.  Today, we observed the contrasts of the theme as perceived across borders, while listening to Mr. Alain Champigneux (France), Prof. Christoph Schneider (Germany) and Ms. … Continue reading

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